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It’s a tiny Gobie, and it’s a rock climber…

November 2nd, 2009
A gobie attempts a 7c+

I am watching an episode of the brilliant BBC nature documentary Life and having just been mesmerised by the wonders of our gilled ancestors, the problem solving and evolutional leaps of the mudskipper, his distant cousin the Hawiian Gobie fish appears.

“It’s a tiny Gobie, and it’s a rock climber…”, speaks the wonderful David Attenborough. Well this little sucker, and he is a lil’ sucker, manages to climb up a waterfall with his mouth and fins. Incredible stuff!

Have a look at the video on the BBC website.

Why do I climb The Mountain? Because I’m in Love

August 6th, 2009

Brilliant video/music mash up by Fall On Your Sword featuring William Shatner (alias Captain Kirk) talking about making love to mountains. You can download the mp3s via the Fall On Your Sword website.

The samples were taken from an interview (below) with Shatner theorising about climbing in a promo for Star Trek V. It is absolute gold, I knew he was a bit out there but surely he’s just having a laugh?

“And these tough young guys with their sinuey bodies and their one meal a day routine”.

If only I could eat one meal a day…

Found on twitter via @iA

9 rules for climbing

February 17th, 2009 is a brilliant organisation that features some of the most innovative people and thinkers around the world and I was excited to see a new video feature on climbing.

Matthew Childs, an advertising bod at Razorfish and a passionate climber and here he gives his 9 top tips for rock climbing. Despite the talk being shorter than I expected, there were some good tips and I was impressed with some of his climbs. I suppose with 35 years experience you will have done some pretty classic big wall routes.

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