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9 rules for climbing

February 17th, 2009 is a brilliant organisation that features some of the most innovative people and thinkers around the world and I was excited to see a new video feature on climbing.

Matthew Childs, an advertising bod at Razorfish and a passionate climber and here he gives his 9 top tips for rock climbing. Despite the talk being shorter than I expected, there were some good tips and I was impressed with some of his climbs. I suppose with 35 years experience you will have done some pretty classic big wall routes.

We are Knot For Climbing

February 3rd, 2009


We are Knot For Climbing. Two blokes trapped in London city wanting to escape the clutches of the city and go climbing in the great outdoors. And this is our blog.

We’ll be posting about our climbs, other people’s climbs, stuff we love (and hate) about
climbing. The usual bits and bobs. This will also be a forum for all our Knot For Climbing tshirts we design.

We love hearing from people so please don’t be afraid, get in touch, tell us your stories, anything you think we should know about or try (recommended routes are always a plus).

Enjoy and Get Climbing!

Prof B and The Climber Guy

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